Vortex OpenSplice

How to use LogRotate to limit the size of OpenSplice log files

This article describes how to use LogRotate to limit the size of the OpenSplice log files. This will ensure that the files do not grow too large. The Vortex OpenSplice middleware can produce a number of different trace and log files which allow you to find out what is going on in the system. The […]

Setting up Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to use ISOC++2 with OpenSplice DDS

This article explains how to set up Mircosoft Visual Studio 2015 to build ISOC++2 Vortex OpenSplice DDS based applications. Setting up Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to use ISOC++2 with OpenSplice DDS Setting up Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to use ISOC++2 for Vortex OpenSplice DDS applications can seem complex. This article gives a step by step […]

Compiling ISOC++2 Applications & Using ISO C++ 2 In Debug Mode

This article gives the settings you need to compile and run an ISO C++ OpenSplice application using Visual Studio. Compiling ISOC++2 Applications In order to successfully compile and run a ISOC++2 OpenSplice application, whether on Linux or Windows, several parameters must be configured. Here we will cover the latter, with Visual Studio, although the preprocessor […]

Data Distribution Service (DDS) Built-in topics

DDS built-in topics are a special kind of topic that the Data Distribution Service uses to help applications discover each other. The middleware handles these topics automatically. An application can also access them to get information about the Domain. Read on to find out how to do this.   DDS middleware needs to keep track […]

Overview of DDS

This guide gives a quick and simple overview of the concepts you will meet when you use a Distributed Data Service (DDS) System. What is DDS? In today’s connected world data is everywhere.  Information is stored on computers and needs to quickly travel around the globe.  Consider a train system.  The trains travel on tracks […]

Creating and deleting a writer quickly causes sample loss

If you are creating and deleting a writer quickly it may cause sample loss. This explanation shows why creating and deleting a writer in short period of time may cause a loss of samples.   What happens when an application creates an entity When an application creates an entity, e.g. a DataWriter, it publishes samples […]

Vortex OpenSplice ishapes example

The ishapes example is a visual example to show DDS in action. Vortex OpenSplice publishes and subscribes to different coloured shapes seen on the screen. [cmtoc_table_of_contents] Running the Vortex OpenSplice ishapes example What does the ishapes example show? The ishapes example is a visual example showing DDS in action.  It allows you to create a […]

How to Configure the DBMS Connect Service

In this article we will demonstrate how to configure the Vortex OpenSplice DBMS Connect service to work with MySQL on both Windows and Linux. The data-centric model utilised by DDS is a natural fit for the data-centric model utilised by relational database systems. DBMS Connect provides seamless integration between the two systems. It allows the […]

Record and Replay Manager Overview

The Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay Manager (RnR manager) is a tool that allows you to control the Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay Service (RnR service) . The RnR manager allows you to do the following: Control and Monitor all Recorder and Player instances in the system. Connect to local and remote nodes. Monitor RnR […]

Using ISO C++ 2 in debug mode

If running an ISO C++ 2 based application in debug mode raises an “access violation” error during the initial creation of the DDS Domain Participant, it may be that the ISO C++ 2 library needs to be recompiled for debug mode. The history to this is that memory allocations are potentially different in release and […]