Vortex OpenSplice Tools

Vortex OpenSplice has a number of tools to help you use OpenSplice more effectively including the tuner, tester and configuration tool.

Installing the Record and Replay Manager

This article explains how to go about installing the Record and Replay Manager, a tool to control Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay Services (RnR Services) and to inspect and change recorded data. Record and Replay is a pluggable service which comes with Vortex OpenSplice. You will need to have a Vortex OpenSplice installation.  To use […]

Exception opening Launcher in debian 9 environment

In the Debian 9 environment, the Vortex OpenSplice Launcher tool will fail to open if the Vortex OpenSplice installation directory path is too long. Why does the Vortex OpenSplice launcher fail? The path length is problematic.    It is a problem with the bundling of the java 8 jre.   Seeing problem in debian 9 […]

Segmentation Fault When Starting Launcher

When starting the Vortex OpenSplice launchner on Ubuntu 16.04 (linux kernel 4.8.0-56) a segmentation fault is seen. Why does the Vortex OpenSplice launcher fail with a segmentation fault The reason you are seeing a segmentation fault when starting the launcher on Ubuntu 16.04 (linux kernel 4.8.0-56) is because there is a Java Plugin issue on […]

Getting started with Vortex OpenSplice Tuner

Getting started with Vortex OpenSplice Tuner This video shows you how to run and preview the interactive features of the Vortex OpenSplice Tuner with an OpenSplice Domain. This will allow you to easily interact with your OpenSplice DDS entities to view them, test with them and even create entire scripted test scenarios based on them. […]

What is Vortex Opensplice Tuner?

What is Vortex OpenSplice Tuner? A powerful deployment tool within the Vortex OpenSplice product suite, this tool offers total control over a deployed Vortex OpenSplice DDS system from any local or remote platform that supports the Java language. The 100% Java based Vortex OpenSplice Tuner Tool greatly aids the design, implementation, test and maintenance of Vortex OpenSplice based […]

MMStat: A powerful tool for diagnosing Federated OpenSplice domains.

MMStat: A powerful tool for diagnosing Federated OpenSplice domains. The Vortex OpenSplice Memory Statistics Tool – MMStat is a command line tool which can be used to display valuable information about the shared memory statistics of an OpenSplice domain. This video shows you how to run MMStat to get detailed information about a Federated OpenSplice DDS domain. […]

Vortex OpenSplice Launcher Options Unavailable

When the launcher is first started you’ll notice a small warning in the top right of the pane stating Environment Variable JAVA_HOME cannot be found shown in the image below. The unavailable applications require a Java Run-time Environment to be installed on your system in order to run. To run these applications you need to […]

Vortex OpenSplice Configuration Editor

The 100% Java Vortex OpenSplice Configurator tool is a powerful reference tool for configuring Vortex OpenSplice. The Vortex OpenSplice Configurator includes a rich online guide describing Vortex OpenSplice Configuration options as well as providing context-sensitive help and parameter validation. The Vortex OpenSplice Configurator is distributed with the Vortex OpenSplice core distribution. It will distinguish between Data Distribution Service (DDS) community […]

Vortex OpenSplice Launcher Guide

An overview of Vortex OpenSplice Launcher, how to use, configure and more. Vortex OpenSplice Launcher The Vortex OpenSplice Launcher guide is part of the Vortex OpenSplice documentation set. Tools The tools tab provides easy access to all of the tools bundled with Vortex OpenSplice.   Controls The controls tab provides the ability to control and […]

Vortex OpenSplice Memory Statistics Tool – Mmstat

Vortex OpenSplice DDS has two different architectural structures that can be used at deployment time. The first is single process architecture where one or more DDS applications and the related services are grouped into a single operating system process. The other architecture uses federated shared memory where both the DDS related administration, services and DDS […]