Vortex OpenSplice Tester

Java JRE for Tester and Tuner

What JRE implementations do Tester and Tuner work with? Our build servers build with either Oracle JDK 8 or OpenJDK 8 builds so these are the standard JRE implementations used for Tester and Tuner. Is DDS consistent with Zulu JRE 8 implementation ? Zulu 8 is a TCK certified build of OpenJDK 8. As such, […]

Vortex OpenSplice Tester FAQ’s

What is Tester? The Vortex OpenSplice Tester Tool is a major leap forward in automated testing and debugging of Data Distribution Service (DDS) based systems. The 100% Java based Vortex OpenSplice Tester Tool is designed with the systems integrator in mind and offers an intuitive set of features to aid this task, offering both ‘local’ […]

How to use the Vortex OpenSplice Tester

How to use the Vortex OpenSplice Tester This video shows you how to run and preview the interactive features of the Vortex OpenSplice Tester with an OpenSplice Domain. In this video you will learn how to: Set up your environment with OpenSplice paths run the Vortex OpenSplice tester connect the tester to a running OpenSplice […]