Vortex OpenSplice Launcher

Vortex OpenSplice Launcher can fail to open in Debian 9 environment

In the Debian 9 environment, the Vortex OpenSplice Launcher tool will fail to open if the Vortex OpenSplice installation directory path is too long. Why does the Vortex OpenSplice launcher fail? The path length is problematic.    It is a problem with the bundling of the java 8 jre.   Seeing problem in debian 9 […]

Vortex OpenSplice Launcher on Ubuntu 16.04 can produce a Segmentation Fault

When starting the Vortex OpenSplice launchner on Ubuntu 16.04 (linux kernel 4.8.0-56) a segmentation fault is seen. Why does the Vortex OpenSplice launcher fail with a segmentation fault The reason you are seeing a segmentation fault when starting the launcher on Ubuntu 16.04 (linux kernel 4.8.0-56) is because there is a Java Plugin issue on […]

Vortex OpenSplice Launcher Guide

An overview of Vortex OpenSplice Launcher, how to use, configure and more. Vortex OpenSplice Launcher The Vortex OpenSplice Launcher guide is part of the Vortex OpenSplice documentation set. Tools The tools tab provides easy access to all of the tools bundled with Vortex OpenSplice.   Controls The controls tab provides the ability to control and […]

Vortex OpenSplice Launcher Applications require Java Run-time Environment

When the launcher is first started you’ll notice a small warning in the top right of the pane stating Environment Variable JAVA_HOME cannot be found shown in the image below. The unavailable applications require a Java Run-time Environment to be installed on your system in order to run. To run these applications you need to […]