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Record and Replay Manager Overview

The Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay Manager (RnR manager) is a tool that allows you to control the Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay Service (RnR service) . The RnR manager allows you to do the following: Control and Monitor all Recorder and Player instances in the system. Connect to local and remote nodes. Monitor RnR […]

Using ISO C++ 2 in debug mode

If running an ISO C++ 2 based application in debug mode raises an “access violation” error during the initial creation of the DDS Domain Participant, it may be that the ISO C++ 2 library needs to be recompiled for debug mode. The history to this is that memory allocations are potentially different in release and […]

Installing the Record and Replay Manager

This article explains how to go about installing the Record and Replay Manager, a tool to control Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay Services (RnR Services) and to inspect and change recorded data. Record and Replay is a pluggable service which comes with Vortex OpenSplice. You will need to have a Vortex OpenSplice installation.  To use […]

How to configure the Record and Replay Service

Are you wondering how to configure the Record and Replay service?  Record and Replay is a Vortex OpenSplice service that allows you to record dds data sets in the system. You can then replay these later. This allows you to analyse real-time performance and optimise it. You can also set up testing scenarios and query data.   […]

Configuring Shared Memory in Vortex OpenSplice

This article explains how you can configure shared memory in Vortex OpenSplice DDS.  There may be occasions when you need to alter the default settings. Vortex OpenSplice DDS can run in two different architectural modes. These are: Single process or standalone deployment Federated or shared memory mode [cmtoc_table_of_contents] Shared Memory Mode In shared memory mode […]

Communication stops after 10 seconds

Description of the issue When running any combination of Vortex DDS products using DDSI protocol on UDP multicast, communication sets up as expected at applications startup, but stops 10 seconds after startup. In Vortex Café logs, the following message appears at INFO level : Duration lease expired for remote Participant XXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX – remove it   […]

Memory Claim Denied Error

Memory claim denied errors may appear in the Vortex OpenSplice log file. This is a symptom of running out of shared memory. These are the steps to follow to troubleshoot this problem. Memory Claim Denied Error in ospl.error log Vortex OpenSplice DDS can runs in two modes, federated or shared memory mode and single process […]

Error: libssl.so.10 was missing in Ubuntu 14.

error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory This error occurs when enabling DDS2ie as a transport for it’s encryption. This is a common problem with the default SSL libraries in Ubuntu and is unrelated to OpenSplice.  Luckily, it is an easy patch to make. First, SSL […]

Exception opening Launcher in debian 9 environment

In the Debian 9 environment, the Vortex OpenSplice Launcher tool will fail to open if the Vortex OpenSplice installation directory path is too long. Why does the Vortex OpenSplice launcher fail? The path length is problematic.    It is a problem with the bundling of the java 8 jre.   Seeing problem in debian 9 […]

Installing Vortex OpenSplice without the GUI

Sometimes you may want to go about installing OpenSplice without the installation GUI in order to automate installation. This article documents the steps for doing this. Normally  installation of Vortex OpenSplice is done with  the installation wizard which guides you though the installation steps. On occasion you may want to install without using the GUI […]