Vortex OpenSplice Record and Replay FAQ’s

For more information on what the Record and Replay services are see this article. What storage types does OpenSplice Record and Replay support? The service records the data to storage xml files. These xml files can get quite large, and can be difficult to query and read. RnR Manager provides a Storage Editor that makes it […]

Vortex Cafe FAQ

This is a list of frequently asked questions about Vortex Cafe which should help you resolve any issues you may be having when using the product. Vortex Cafe compatabilities Which Java versions are supported by Vortex Cafe? Vortex Café supports Java 5 and any further version. Vortex Cafe Tuning How should I configure Vortex Café […]

Vortex OpenSplice documentation

Vortex OpenSplice is leading (Commercial and Open Source) Implementation of the OMG DDS Standard.  It comes with a complete set of DDS documentation. Find the documentation for Vortex Cafe, Vortex Insight, Vortex Link or Vortex Edge on a separate page. The Vortex OpenSplice documentation will help you understand how to use DDS. The documentation  contains […]

Networking and Durability Warnings and what they mean

Lack of privileges The following two types of warnings occur because the user which is running OpenSplice does not have the privileges to set the scheduling priority of the networking process and it’s threads to realtime. Description : sched_setscheduler failed with error 1 (Operation not permitted) for process ‘networking’ Description : pthread_create failed with SCHED_FIFO […]

Vortex Link Documentation

Vortex Link Documentation Vortex Link extends the OpenSplice domain beyond the limits of the network. It provides discovery and routing services which allow different networks to communicate with the DDS domain. This allows data to be routed beyond the LAN and into the WAN and the internet transparently. Vortex Link is  part of the Vortex […]

Vortex Insight Documentation

Vortex Insight Documentation The Vortex Insight documentation set will help you to use Vortex Insight to monitor the performance of your Vortex based system. Vortex Insight is a tool that allows you to obtain real time data from a Vortex system. You can use it to monitor and manage a system from any device with […]

Vortex Lite Documentation

Vortex Lite Documentation The Vortex Lite documentation set will help you install and  develop applications using Vortex Lite. Vortex Lite is an ultra lightweight implementation of the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. It allows you to develop DDS applications that run on resource constrained embedded devices. For example networked sensors, single […]

Vortex Cafe Documentation

Vortex Cafe Documentation Vortex Cafe is one of the products that is bundled with the Vortex Platforms installer. All the documentation is included with the release. The easiest way to access it is to find the index.html file inside the distribution. This provides the links to all the documentation. The Vortex Cafe documentation set will […]

Release Notes and Known Issues

Vortex OpenSplice Release Notes The release notes contain all the information about fixed bugs and changes in the different OpenSplice versions Fixed bugs and changes in Vortex OpenSplice 6.11.x Fixed bugs and changes in Vortex OpenSplice 6.10.x Fixed bugs and changes in Vortex OpenSplice 6.9.x Fixed bugs and changes in Vortex OpenSplice 6.8.x Fixed bugs […]

Vortex Opensplice MATLAB Demos

Vortex OpenSplice with MATLAB A number of demonstration videos have been created to walk you through the process of developing DDS applications with MATLAB. Installation of MATLAB components Startup OpenSplice Shapes Example Overview How to Process IDL Creating a Topic Block Creating a Reader Block Real-time Simulation Write a Tracking Circle Use Filter Expression MATLAB […]

Tweaking durability service performance

About the durability service The durability service is one of the services that can be configured when deploying a federation. At most, one durability service can be configured per federation. However, since a system typically consists of multiple federations, multiple durability services may be deployed in a single system. The durability service has two main […]

Known Issues in Vortex Cafe

Below are known issues in Vortex Cafe. See this article for Fixed Bugs and Changes in Vortex Cafe. When using DDS Security, activating only some RTPS protection but no data nor metadata protection does not prevent write privileges escalation. When rtps_protection_kind is set to SIGN, ENCRYPT, SIGN_WITH_ORIGIN_AUTHENTICATION or ENCRYPT_WITH_ORIGIN_AUTHENTICATION, the whole RTPS messages are signed […]

Using OpenSplice DDS with Python

Do you want to model your DDS applications in Python? This article explains how to start using OpenSplice DDS with Python. OpenSplice DDS comes with a Python DCPS API that provides Python classes allowing you model your DDS application using Python. The Python DCPS API is a native Python binding that supports full DDS functionality. […]

Overview of DDS

This guide gives a quick and simple overview of the concepts you will meet when you use a Distributed Data Service (DDS) System. What is DDS? In today’s connected world data is everywhere.  Information is stored on computers and needs to quickly travel around the globe.  Consider a train system.  The trains travel on tracks […]

Controlling the DDSi Networking Service Ports

There may be cases where you need to know what ports the DDSi networking service uses. For example if you are using a firewall you will need to open these ports so communication can take place. This article explains how you can work out these values. In order for the participants in a domain to […]

Cannot see Tuner on CentOS using remove desktop

When using the remote desktop application xrdp there is sometimes a problem seeing the windows in Tuner. Changing the window size does not change anything either. This is due to a combination of the Java gui that Tuner uses and xrdp. To fix the problem the depth setting for xrdp needs to change.   edit […]

How can I connect to multiple DDS domains?

This article explains the steps you need to take to connect one application to multiple DDS domains using Vortex OpenSplice. Using DDS in multiple domains For two DDS applications to communicate with each other they need to join the same DDS domain. Occasionally your application may need to receive data from one domain and send […]

Creating Topics in the Data Distribution Service (DDS)

Creating topics in the Data Distribution Service explores how to make a topic to allow you to send data around the system. The Data Distribution Service (DDS) sends data to the components that need it. Topics are the basic unit of information that the DDS system reads and writes. To allow data to flow around […]

Questions on how Shared Memory is Allocated

When a topic is written by a writer on a particular node, what is the data path to shared memory? Writer -> Writer Cache -> Publisher ->Publisher Cache-> Shared Memory A sample is written in some programming language (let’s say C++) and passed to its application Writer by invoking its write() call. The Writer allocates […]