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About topic instance lifecycle

  Reminder For each data sample accessed via a read or take, DDS provides you with a SampleInfo. This SampleInfo contains meta-information about the Sample, such as timestamp, lifecycle information, etc.,  and tells you if the data is valid or not. The lifecycle information can be used to filter the data received by a DataReader (state […]

Data Distribution Service (DDS) Built-in topics

DDS built-in topics are a special kind of topic that the Data Distribution Service uses to help applications discover each other. The middleware handles these topics automatically. An application can also access them to get information about the Domain. Read on to find out how to do this.   DDS middleware needs to keep track […]

Overview of DDS

This guide gives a quick and simple overview of the concepts you will meet when you use a Distributed Data Service (DDS) System. What is DDS? In today’s connected world data is everywhere.  Information is stored on computers and needs to quickly travel around the globe.  Consider a train system.  The trains travel on tracks […]

New Features in Vortex Insight

This page lists all the new features that have been added in different Vortex Insight releases. You may also wish to read about Vortex Insight known issues and fixed bugs in Vortex Insight. Vortex Insight 2.1.2 contains the following new features: Support for Cloud & Fog 2.1.4. Support for OpenSplice 6.9.0. Vortex Insight 2.1.0 contains […]

DDS Security: Using signed governance and permissions documents

Introduction The DDS security specification defines five Service Plugin Interfaces (SPIs) that when combined together provide Information Assurance to DDS systems. For access control SPI, an important step is the usage of signed documents to configure the built-in plugin. Configuration From specification, the DDS:Access:Permissions plugin is configured with three documents: The Permissions CA certificate The […]

Vortex Cloud not using incoming connection

This article describes how to troubleshoot Vortex Cloud not using an incoming connection from Vortex Fog when it is behind a Network Address Translation (NAT). Case description The case occurs when is  Vortex Cloud and Vortex Fog are trying to communicate.  Vortex Fog is behind a NAT and running with an OpenSplice product in the […]

How to install Vortex Platforms

This tutorial shows you how to install Vortex platforms. The Vortex platforms installer includes several different Vortex products. These are Vortex Cafe, Vortex Cloud, Vortex Fog and Vortex Insight. How to install Vortex Platforms If you prefer video you may like to view this video on installing Vortex Platforms on linux. Getting the correct installer […]

Known Issues In Vortex OpenSplice V6.9.x

New versions of Vortex OpenSplice are released on a regular basis.  This page lists all the known issues for Vortex OpenSplice V 6.9.x You may also want to read the following: Fixed bugs and changes for Vortex OpenSplice v6.9.x New Features in Vortex OpenSplice v6  

Fixed Bugs and Changes in Vortex OpenSplice 6.9.x

This page lists all the fixed bugs and changes in the Vortex OpenSplice 6.9.x releases. Regular releases of Vortex OpenSplice  contain fixed bugs, changes to supported platforms and new features are made available on a regular basis. There are two types of release, major releases and minor releases.  Upgrading Vortex OpenSplice contains more information about […]

Minimizing multicast usage in Vortex Café

The RTPS protocol and multicast communications Vortex Café uses the standard RTPS protocol to interoperably exchange data accross the network. The RTPS protocol is designed to take advantage of multicast communications for both: automatic discovery efficient data diffusion to several subscribers But, in some environments, multicast communications are not supported by the underlying network. In […]