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Vortex Cloud not using incoming connection

This article describes how to troubleshoot Vortex Cloud not using an incoming connection from Vortex Fog when it is behind a Network Address Translation (NAT). Case description The case occurs when is  Vortex Cloud and Vortex Fog are trying to communicate.  Vortex Fog is behind a NAT and running with an OpenSplice product in the […]

Vortex Fog vs Vortex Cloud

Wondering if you should choose Vortex Fog or Vortex Cloud? This article looks at some of the similarities and differences between the two. Vortex Cloud and Vortex Fog  are ADLinks’s implementations which allow Data Distribution Services (DDS) applications to communicate via the internet. Both product provides automatic discovery service and transparent routing service. What are […]

Can you subscribe from one network interface and publish on another?

With our current community-edition (V6.7), you unfortunately can’t configure multiple DDSI-services in a single ‘standalone-application’ (also called a ‘single-process‘ deployment mode, which is the deployment model supported by our community edition). Our commercially supported versions include the ability to deploy applications in a so-called ‘federated deployment‘ mode where a set of applications share a single […]