Vortex Insight

New Features in Vortex Insight

This page lists all the new features that have been added in different Vortex Insight releases. You may also wish to read about Vortex Insight known issues and fixed bugs in Vortex Insight. Vortex Insight 2.1.3 contains the following new features: Support for Vortex Link 3.0.1. Support for OpenSplice 6.10.0. Vortex Insight 2.1.2 contains the […]

Fixed Bugs and Changes In Vortex Insight

New versions of Vortex Insight are released on a regular basis. This page lists all the fixed bugs and changes in each release of Vortex Insight. You may also want to read  Known Issues In Vortex Insight. Version 2.0.0 Version 1.2.2 Version 1.2.1 Version 1.2.0