Vortex Cafe

How to install Vortex Platforms

This tutorial shows you how to install Vortex platforms. The Vortex platforms installer includes several different Vortex products. These are Vortex Cafe, Vortex Cloud, Vortex Fog and Vortex Insight. How to install Vortex Platforms Getting the correct installer Make sure that you download the correct Vortex platforms installer for your platform. The name of the […]

Minimizing multicast usage in Vortex Café

The RTPS protocol and multicast communications Vortex Café uses the standard RTPS protocol to interoperably exchange data accross the network. The RTPS protocol is designed to take advantage of multicast communications for both: automatic discovery efficient data diffusion to several subscribers But, in some environments, multicast communications are not supported by the underlying network. In […]

Tuning the DDSI reliability protocol in Vortex Café

The RTPS protocol, defined in the DDSI specification, typically uses UDP transport. As the UDP protocol is not reliable, the RTPS protocol defines it’s own way to ensure reliable transmission of data from RTPS writers to RTPS readers when needed. This protocol can be tuned to improve latency, throughput or resource consumption depending the underlying […]

Introduction to DDS Security

This introduction to DDS security looks at why we need a security standard in the Data Distribution Service (DDS)  and gives an overview of its use. Introduction to DDS Security What prompted the need for the DSS Security standard? Many of Internet of Things systems are being built using DDS. These systems need to secure […]

Vortex Cafe Round Trip Tutorial

  Getting started with Vortex Cafe : Round Trip Tutorial   This video shows you how to install and prove out a Vortex Cafe system. In this video you will learn how to: Set up your environment with Vortex paths run Apache Maven to download dependencies and build examples. run the roundtrip example to prove […]

How do I get log files from Vortex Cafe?

Vortex Cafe Logging Jars to use Depending on your project, you must use a specific jar: For a non-Android Java project: cafe.jar For an Android project in debug mode, with logging activated: cafe-android-debug.jar For an Android project in release mode, without logging: cafe-android.jar Note that these three jars contain the same core code for Vortex […]

Vortex Café Supported Features

Vortex Cafe supports a subset of the DDS. This list shows all the Vortex Cafe supported features. Vortex Café Supported Features 1. Supported DDS Profiles Vortex Café supports the following DDS Profiles: 1.1.Minimum Profile Supported with following limitations: Global: Listeners and statuses are not supported on DomainParticipants, Topics, Publishers and Subscribers Statuses are partially supported […]