Spectra ORB

How to run the Spectra ORB Naming Service on a fixed port

This article explains how to run the Spectra ORB Name Service on a fixed port.  This enables you to find and Name Service and easily look up other objects. What is the Name Service? When you have a lot of objects within a system it can be difficult to locate the one you want to […]

Spectra ORB Supported Platforms

The following page lists the supported platforms for the Spectra ORB products: Spectra ORB C++ ORB Spectra C ORB Spectra IP Core ORB (ICO) Spectra ORB C++ ORB PrismTech provides a number of different Spectra ORB platform and compiler build combinations, which are listed in the Platform-Compiler Build Combinations table. Each platform-compiler build combination is […]